11 Steps to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 11 minutes a day

11 Steps to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 11 minutes a day

Lead generation on Linkedin has become a dirty concept and for a good reason. How many people you don’t know tried to pitch you today? Looks like you need to take a shower. Those are the “spammers”.


Don’t send your Pitch. 

There are two camps on Linkedin. Camp “lead abomination” that rejects any attempt to seek business deals here on LinkedIn, claiming that this is a Social Media” platform, where people are coming to get valuable information, and the monetary exchange potential is ruining the experience for them.

The other camp is camp “I will help you 10x your company even if I don’t know anything about you”. which are trying to sell you this pitch when sending a connection message. (how tempting is it to accept right?)

The former, pritches that if you are using automation tools to reach prospects WITHOUT creating relationships first and WITHOUT posting valuable content, you are the root of all evil on the platform. The letter helps me sell more courses because I show students my inbox and tell them what NOT to do.

The problem with building a “relationships” is that Linkedin can be messy and most founders don’t have time to invest 2-3 hours a day starting a conversation, engaging, and following up and even if they did, it would be trial and error most of the time.

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I would qualify in the middle of those camps, having made a few (many) mistakes myself, I understand that LinkedIn is not an easy platform to use. On the one hand, you have value to give to the world, and your prospect is one message away. On the other, people don’t want to be “leads” and you want to keep your good reputation. Eventually, it’s all about human sociology, and the challenge is to hit the sweet spot between being a pushy salesperson and wasting your precious time.

If you have only 10 minutes to spend, you need a system that helps you build relationships. This system is based on the science of persuasion and influence, implemented into Social Selling tactics. After the success I had with this system with my clients, I can say that it is a winning system that is going to work for you.

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My students are spending only 10 minutes a day and getting consistent and better results than when they were spending 2 hours a day.


1. Make a list of 10 ACTIVE prospects a day. This system is based on the science of persuasion and influence, implemented into Social Selling tactics.

FIRST Go into their profiles to make sure they are your ideal target audience. Meaning, they fit the filter criteria of your past and current clients.

SECOND, see if they are active on LinkedIn (posted over that last month or commented on a post) Here’s how you can use Sales Navigator to find them automatically

Copy their Profiles URL to a spreadsheet.

2. Engage with 5 of their posts and comment on One. Do that before you ask for a connection. First, we seek to add value to others and also get on their radar in a positive way. Don’t comment like a robot. See what value you can add to the author of the post (your prospect)

3. Wait for a day

4. Send them a template but a personal connection request. Go into their profile and see what they are emphasizing. Maybe it’s the years of experience in their summary, maybe its a lecture they gave in the “featured” section may be a recent post they worked hard on. Write a message that is complimenting and personal.

“Hey (first name, I’ve noticed you have __ of experience as a security leader. Happy to connect, Danit👩‍🦰️”

5. Wait for 2 days

6. Thank them for the connection and mention a common grounds like a school you both went to or a shared workplace. If not, appreciate them for accepting your connection (they didn’t have to do it) and mention that you are there to help them with their future endeavors if needed.

7. Wait for 3 days

8. Follow up and offer a FREE checklist or a piece of information that is short and will help them get a small win. This will actually help your prospects and build you as an expert. If you want your prospect to like you and engage with you, NEVER SEND AN UNSOLICITED LINK. Ask for content first.

9. Wait for 3 days

10. Ask for the call. Look at their company and research how you can add value. Offer to have a call and discuss some insights you have. At this point, you gained rapport and authority.

11. Rinse and repeat with more prospects.  


Have you noticed I never said you should pitch? If your LinkedIn Profile is set up so the prospect can understand your value proposition, you never need to pitch! If it isn’t read the FREE eBook on Optimizing your Linkedin Profile here.

Even if you have a lot of time (which I know you don’t), LinkedIn is not a place to have long discussions. Your goal is to give enough value so your prospects want to have a short call. I would recommend having a 15 minutes call first, and schedule another call if you see there is a possible fit.

The other option I teach my client in my “generate leads while you sleep” course, is to send a first automated message just to “wake up the lead”. The message template varies and It depends on the service/products. But I have one template that ALWAYS gets a response.




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